Past TLC News 2011-2010

News of 2011 Kids, Cattle Shows & Bus Stop at TLC


Lindy Nowakowski and TLCC Tigers Blondy won her Class and was Reserve Champion Charolais Plus heifer at Elk City OK behind the supreme female.  Show was on November 19, 2011.  Congratulations!  TCL Chops India was 3rd in Class Simmental Plus heifers.  

Brock Courtney and TCL Chops Dot were class winner Simmental Plus.  Thanks Courtney and Nowakowski families for exhibiting Thorne Ranch heifers. Wishing you fun, luck and success with our babies. 

Brock continues his winning streak at the Wilburton OK Jackpot Show over the Thanksgiving weekend.   His Angus was selected Grand Champion Heifer, his Hereford was breed Champion , TCL Chops Dot was Simmental Plus Breed Champion and his steer won the show. Congratulations Brock.  We are happy for you!  You are racking up the points for another great year in the OCCA. 

Brock Courtney and TCL Chops Dot making an impact on the Simmental Plus OCCA Shows this fall.  She has won breed several times and also Grand Champion Heifer in one show ring with judge; Bret Carter who loved her in Perry Oklahoma on November 13, 2011.  Congratulations Brock and family. 

Bus load of Lafayette County Cattlemen and Ladies visit Thorne Ranch in June 2011.  We put together several different classes of cattle for them to view.  Great bunch of folks!  Thanks for making the stop at Thorne Ranch. 

TLC Vincente sired heifer for Grant family was Grand Champion Beefbuilder and TLC Starwar's Ela Mae selected Reserve 

Grand Champion Fullblood/Purebred Heifer for Gracie Stotts. 

TLC Silver Link selected Reserve Grand Champion Bull at San Antonio Texas.

TCL Chops Dot was Class winner and was Reserve Champion Breed Simmental Plus heifer in both rings for Brock.  TCL Chops India a full sib to Dot was 2nd in class behind her and was 4th in class in the other ring.  Shown by Lindy.  There were seven total in the class.  TLC Tigers Blondy was Class winner in one ring and the heifer she beat in class was Reserve Champion Breed in the other ring.  Two judges, Wes Hudson and Jake Scott, two opinions!  Congratulations to both families for exhibiting TLC cattle. 

TLC Silver Links Grand Champion Purebred/ Fullblood Braunvieh 2011 American Royal in Kansas City MO. 

TULSA STATE FAIR 2011   Thorne Ranch Simmental's and Maine-Anjou Cattle took home Division honors 

TCL Chops Val was Calf Champion Simmental Plus and also selected Division Champion Heifer.  (Abbie, Joan, Adrienne Bethel and Brock Courtney .   TLCC Turks Cara was Class winner and Reserve Champion Division Heifer for Madison Currie of Bennington OK.   TLCC Isabella and TLCC Turk sired heifer calf selected Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair and Over All Supreme Maintainer Female for Reighly Blakley.   TLCC Special Viena Y1104 was Calf Champion Maintainer and selected Division Champion Heifer.  (Bryce Bethel, Abbie, Joan and Adrienne Bethel. 

2011 Belt Buckle Bonanza in Waco Texas!  TLC Starwar's Ela Mae and Gracie Stotts win Grand Champion Braunvieh Heifer! 

TLCC Isabella S6392  Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair in two Junior National Breed Shows!  As Beefbuilder and Maintainer. 

TLC Silver Link selected Division Champion Bull at 2011 Houston Livestock Show. Reserve Grand Champion Beefbuilder was 

TLC Vincente daughter owned by Grant's.  TLC Starwar's Ela Mae and Gracie Stotts were 1st in their class. 

News of 2010

TCL Turks Bart added to the Genex Added Attraction Sires.

Thorne Ranch Steer breaks a 25 year old Record on Rate of Gain in New Mexico.  Jaden Jones from Sorcorro New Mexico purchased TLC Major Moneyman Steer from us last year.  He was TLCC Tina's first calf. ( DJ Titan x TLC Whoa Girl) His average rate of gain was  4.127 pounds per day on a 189 day feedout.  He weighed in on Feb 20, 2010 and weighed 1470 on September 2, 2010.  That says something about the feeding ability on our Maine cross calves.   Congratulation Jaden and Family!  We are happy you won the Buckle and Plaque.   

Congratulations Brock Courtney on being selected top Junior Showman at the 2010 OK Beef Expo in Stillwater, OK on June 3.  He had 40 plus in his class of junior showman.  He will be showing a Thorne Ranch heifer in the show.  
Congratulations Brock Courtney on being selected Over All Champion Showman at OYE Showmaster Showdown in OK City, OK. He won Junior and then competed against Intermediate and Senior to win the honor!   

A W Thorne Land and Cattle, Inc. 2010 Beefbuilder Show Breeders of the Year .

  •  TLC Turk S6103  2009 - 2010 Beefbuilder Show Sire of the Year
  • TLC Meyers Meg P4148 2009 - 2010 Show Dam of the Year
  • TLC Lindy Act S6262 2009- 2010 3rd Place Beefbuilder Show Dam of the Year.
  • TLC Turks Bart 2009 - 2010 Beefbuilder Show Bull of the Year
  • TLC Turks Malinda 2009 - 2010 Reserve Show Heifer of the Year
  • TLC Turks Doc W9103 2009 - 2010 4th Place Show Bull of the Year.
  • TLC Hello Dolly U8130  2009-2010 4th Place Show Heifer of the Year
  • TLC Turks Jacki W9116 2009 - 2010  5th Place Show Heifer of the Year

 January 16-20  We did well at the show and came home with Grand Champion Beefbuilder Heifer and Beefbuilder bull.  Division Winner Fullblood Bull TLC Buds Cowboy.    TLC Turks Malinda and TLC Turks Bart both baldies caught lots of attention.  TLC Turks Jacki O won her class and Turks Olive owned by Brittney Free also won her class of Beefbuilders.  TLC Turks Doc won his class of coming yearling bulls.  TLC Hello Dolly was 2nd in Class of Senior Yearling Heifers.  TLC Silver Lace was 5th in Class of Fullblood Purebred and TLC Buds Starzina was 4th in Class.  All in all we had a great show and were selected for the Herdsman Award of the 120 head show.   They lost our entry for Breeders Herd and Get of Sire otherwise we would have came home with it also as we were the only one there with that many head in the Beefbuilder Division.   We took a total of eight head.  Three Fullbloods and five Beefbuilders. 


2010 Houston Livestock Show

TLC Turks Bart Grand Champion Beefbuilder Bull 2010 Houston Livestock Show.  TLC Turks Malinda Reserve Grand Champion Beefbuilder Heifer.  TLC Turks Doc Division Champion Yearling Bull.  TLC Turks Jacki O Reserve Division Calf Champion Heifer.  TLC Silver Lace 4th in Class Purebred heifers and TLC Hello Dolly 2nd in Class.  Champion Get of Sire with TLC Turk progeny and Champion Beefbuilder Breeders Herd with TLC Turk progeny. Thank you to Bryce Bethel for his help and fitting skills.  The entire Paul family for your support and assistance along with, Mr Hicks, Mark Richardson of Two Moons LLP and Madison Abott for helping show the cattle.   We had a great time and we appreciate you all for the help and friendship.