Albert (Abbie) and Joan Thorne

Welcome to Thorne Ranch

We are Albert (Abbie) and Joan Herrington Thorne, owners and operators of Thorne Ranch. We both originated from cattle ranching families.  Albert from the Panhandle of Texas and Joan the Sandhills of Nebraska. 

We are located in the Northeast OK in the region called Green Country. It's all about our seven kids, thirteen grandchildren, our friends, and our cattle herd at this ranch. "We both grew up swinging a rope, living and working with cattle.  We were raised hundreds of miles apart but we have the same country values. We learned how to work beside the hired help, be the hired help and also the boss. 

We run 200 head cows, a Spring and Fall Herd today and use natural service from our varied Herd Sires. Twenty five years of ET and Artificial Breeding has created the genetics we are pleased with today.  We did our time along the chutes and we have cut back chutes time by using our top herd sires.   We calve from March to April in Spring and September to October in Fall.  Giving us a uniform set of cattle to offer at different times of the year.   All cattle are registered and we know who the sire and dam are here. Bulls are selected for each of our Breeding Pastures with 15-20 head. We operate 600 Acres of pastureland; we clip fescue, spray for weeds, fertilize and cut our own hay for our winter feed.  We creep feed 30 days out from weaning and supplement with grain the young cattle. 

We developed our own gain and grow test on young bulls. They are never pushed, but on a grow ration to ensure good feet and fertility. We cross several so that some cattle can be dual registered either, Percentage Simmental or Maine-Anjou.  We have a few Braunvieh cattle left in herd also. Our cattle are our second family! We try to uphold the tradition that our ancestors left behind for us. Take good care of your cattle and customers, and they will take good care of you. 

We are the Owners, Executive Directors, General Managers, Herdsman, Show Cattle Managers, Director of Compost Operations and Maintenance on this Oklahoma cattle ranch. ha We pretty much consider Thorne Ranch a "Bed, Breakfast and Bovine facility."

We live a life that very few people have the opportunity to experience. The Lord has truly blessed us and our families. Our children and grandchildren are the rocks that cement our whole theory on life. Without their love and support we would be just two old people raising and caring for cattle.    Thank you for your visit! God Bless