Maine-Anjou Herd Sires

Our Maine-Anjou Sires

We used a clean Irish Whiskey son called Wild Turkey when we started using Maine's in our embryo program.  

TLCC Turk S6103 ET  Reg# MA361288 is a Wild Turkey son and still the base of our Maine-Anjou herd today and he is still shelling them out.  Campaigned heavily by partners Diamonds in the Rough.  He was shown in Louisville, Denver, Houston, Ft Worth, Kansas City and Tulsa OK.  Free moving and excellent on his feet. Typical judges comments were "free moving and fluid"

 " Best moving animal I have seen all day"

We have kept two son's that are also doing us a GREAT job. 


  • TCL Turks Rex a 25% Percentage Simmental and 25% Maine.  488715   (His dam is a 2004 Model and still in production)
  • TLCC B'rer Rabbit a 5/8 Maine 476554

His females are great and their longevity is evident when you learn that Turks dam TLC/TRI Whoa Girl is still in production at 17 years of age, with a beautiful udder and sound footed.  Our Maine-Anjou sires all have consistent calving ease.  We select for good udders, maternal, fertility and longevity in our cow herd of Maintainer females.  

We select our herd sires from Dams that have longevity in their genes.

Maine's that milk! We keep them half to a quarter Maine to keep the show ring style and great performance.  Stop by and see our sires and the Maine cowherd.  


Maine-Anjou Herd Sires


Dual Reg # 476554 and BC90427 

Sire: TLCC TURK S6103 ET


His first calves hit the ground and said look at me right off!  No calving issues and they have that show ring style and plenty of hair to comb!  He continues to impress us with his latest calves to wean in Fall 2019.  Watch for several to be listed on the Heifers For Sale page.   We used him on our Maintainer females and also our percentage Simmental cows.  


Video of the Rabbit

Check out this great video of B'rer Rabbit

TCL/TLCC Turks Rex

TLCC/ TCL Turks Rex

TCL Turks Rex 3224225   25% MAINE-ANJOU  25% Simmental  DUAL REGISTERED
Sire: TLCC Turk S6103 ET   Dam: TCL Patricia P4124  (Picasso daughter)
Dual Registered Simmental and Maine Anjou​.  But primarily using on our Simmental females. We used him with great success on some Cutter daughters, calving ease and thick sound calves.   His first calves hit the ground and we also used him on several first time heifers with no problems.  Very stout and sound babies!  Come see them. 


TLCC/TCL Barts Bandit

TCL Barts Bandit A3483

Dual Registered Maine-Anjou 3/8 %  MA456458 and Simmental 25%  SM3271555.  

Sire: TCL Turks Bart U8393   MA407731

Dam: TLCC Polly MA337264    Dam: Sire: BK Intense Plus 212L  291265

Bandit is proving to be a very maternal base for females and his daughters have shown well also.  He is Homozygous Polled and Homozygous black with some chrome!  We used him heavy on first time heifers and had very few problems. 


TLCC/ TCL Barts Bandit Sired heifer Oxtoby Family showed