2009 OYE OK City


TLC Kids and Cattle at 2009 Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City, OK
There were a total of 1,400 head of heifers in the show! Congratulations to Rashele she won the Senior Showmanship!   The kids all did well and we are extremely proud of them all!

  • Rashele and Reighly Blakley, Blake Runner, Cody Duncan, Brock Courtney, Kylie Haney, and Katie Chupp. 
  • ​Brock showed his White heifer to 2nd in Class of Commercial Heifers with 16 in the Class and his Gebhart Hereford heifer was 2nd in Class.
  • Cody showed TLC Amber (Sire: SUL Full of 602 x TLC Alina R5110) to 4th in a class of 12 head of Maintainers.  He was satisfied as in his class was some very high priced heifers!  
  • Reighly showed TLC Tiara (Sire: CMAC Tyson x K1365 Angus/BV) to 5th in her class of 11 head for Commercial Heifers. 
  • Rashele showed TLC Brave Heart (Sire: Heat Wave x TLC Heartbeat N3152 ET) to 6th in a class of 16 head in Brocks class he got 2nd! 
  • Blake showed TLC Andrea (Sire: Cowan's Ali x TLC Hannah R5320) to 3rd place in Class of seven head of Maine Anjou heifers.
  • Kylie Haney showed TRI Kara to 4th in the Chinanina Class of 16 heifers. 
  • Katie Chupp showed TLC Velvet (Sire CMAC Hardcore x K2030 Angus/Bv Cow) got 9th in her Class of Maintainers.
  • Blake showed his TLC Steer and won his class and then was selected 3rd Alternate for the Premium Sale of AOB Division Steers.  That steer was sired by Cowan's Ali and out of a Heat Seeker daughter out of TLC Helena J9104.
  • Kylie Haney showed TRI Kara to Reserve Grand Champion Commercial heifer at the Muskogee County Show.


TLC Cattle Kids and Cattle Compete at Kellyville, OK Show

Jessie showed four head of TLC cattle at Kellyville Jackpot January 31st, 2009. TLC Deerdra as a Maine, 5th in class, TLC Turk's Linse as AOB, 4th in class, TLC Turk's Gold, Class winner and TLC King Pin, 5th in class. She also placed 5th in the Intermediate showmanship! Great job Jessie! We are proud of you and the cattle. Brock and TLC Heidi Wave were 2nd in one Chi Class and 3rd in the other. Brock won the Junior Showmanship.  Jacob and TLC Snickers were 3rd in the AOB Steer Class, Katie Chupp and TLC Velvet were 2nd in the Maintainer class.

2009 Montgomery Co Livestock Show 2009

TLC/TLCC Cowboy's Cowgirl T7230

TLC Cowboy's Cowgirl wins 2009 Montgomery County Livestock Show in Texas March 29, 2009 for Rachel McDowall.  This is the 3rd Year in a row that a TLC heifer won the Montgomery County Show.  TLC Buds Star was the first winner in 2007, two years ago and TLC Cowboy's Cowgirl won it last year in 2008 and came back heavy bred to win the show again on March 29, 2009.   The judges comments were she was the most complete heifer in the show.  Heavy bred and still very feminine and complete.  

Thank you to Roger for the fabulous job of fitting and feeding this heifer. 


Ft Worth Stock Show 2009

Thorne Ranch cattle were successful at the 2009 Southwestern Livestock Exposition Braunvieh Show at Ft Worth Texas in January 2009 
Judge: Cary Crow of Coffeyville, KS. 

  • TLC Turk Grand Champion Beef Builder Bull shown by Joan
  • TLC Tracker Reserve Grand Champion Beef Builder shown by J R Ellison
  • TLC Cowboy's Cowgirl Grand Champion Beef Builder shown by Zach Ivey
  • TLC Brave Heart Reserve Grand Champion Beef Builder shown by Mike Runner
  • TLC Anna's Light Reserve Division Purebred Yearling Heifer shown by Brock Courtney
  • TLC Cowboy Division Yearling Fullblood Bull shown by Joan
  • TLC Molasses Class Winner Beefbuilder shown by JR Ellison
  • TLC Hello Dolly Calf Class Winner Beefbuilder shown by Joan
  • TLC Turk's Linse 3rd in Class Beefbuilder shown by Cody Duncan
  • TLC Turk's Trish 4th in Class Beefbuilder shown by Jessie Heidlage
  • TLC Heidi Wave 5th in Class Beefbuilder shown by Brock Courtney
  • TLC Tyson's Tiara 2nd in Yearling Heifer Class shown by Reighly Blakley
  • TLC Tabi Division Yearling Heifer shown by Zach Ivey
  • Breeders Best Four Head -1st Place shown by Thorne Ranch with, TLC Turk, TLC Cowboy's Cowgirl, TLC Cowboy and TLC Tracker
  • Produce of Dam: Starline Veronica 3H  3rd Place TLC Tracker and TLC Molasses Shown by JR Ellison and Jessie Heidlage
  • TLC Elvis Starlett was 3rd in Class owned and show by Brittney Free
  • TLC Friday Night Lights was 5th in Class owned and shown by Sydney Paul

  •  TLC Brave Heart selected Supreme Grand Champion Heifer at the Roger's County Spring Show for Rashele Blakley on February 28, 2009.


2009 San Antonio Livestock Show

  • ​TLC Anna's Light Reserve Grand Champion Supreme Heifer.  Exhibited by Thorne Ranch and Brock Courtney. Shown by Joan, Albert holding the banner.
  • TLC Bud's Tabi Reserve Division Champion Heifer behind the grand Champion heifer 


Houston Livestock Show & San Antonio 2009

 We had 16 head of cattle at the Braunvieh Show and one head in the Shorthorn show on Oct 3 and 6 head at the Maintainer Show on Oct 4. Cattle performed well and we were successful in several categories.  TLC Exhibited seven head of Fullblood/Purebred and Percentage Beef Builder Braunvieh cattle March 1-5 in Houston Texas.  

  • TLC Turk selected Grand Champion Beefbuilder Bull.
  • TLC Tracker was Reserve Grand Champion Beefbuilder Bull.  
  • TLC Cowboy's Cowgirl selected Grand Champion Beef builder Heifer. 
  • TLC Molasses was Reserve Grand Champion Beef builder Heifer.
  • Champion Beef Builder Produce of Dam.
  • Champion Beef Builders Breeders Best Four Head 
  • TLC Anna's Light was Class and Division winner Yearling Heifer
  • TLC Bud's Cowboy was Class and Division Winner Yearling Fullblood Bulls.
  • TLC Bud's Tabi Fullblood Class winner. Owned with Flying I Ranch.  
  • TLC Hello Dolly was Class winner and Reserve Champion Heifer Calf behind TLC Molasses. 
  • TLC Brave Heart was 3rd in Class. TLC Brave Heart just came from winning Grand Champion Heifer at the Roger's County Spring Show. Goes to show that every judge has a different opinion!

9th Annual Oklahoma Cattlemen Tour at TLC

9th Annual Oklahoma Cattlemen Association Summer Ranch Tour held at Thorne Ranch on June 22, 2009.  A. J. Smith Editor of the OCA Magazine and tour guide brought in 400 fine folks for a visit.

I missed the tour due to coming home from the hospital that day, but will always cherish what A, J, said in his appreciation letter after the tour. "Joan, we missed you and we hope that you are doing well on the road to recovery.  It is just a bump in the road. "  We hope the bumps in the road are smooth for A. J. now too.  We send our love and prayers to his family and many friends.  He was truly an Oklahoma Icon.   He was a ring man at everyone of our productions sales and was always the perfect gentleman.   He always told me he came for the good food we served.  He will be missed in several sale rings nation wide!  He has gone to a better place.  A. J. we will miss you!

Special thanks to my friends, Carol Smith and Sheila Bond for setting up and serving these fine folks while I was in the hospital.   Plus all the cattle kids kicked in and helped so much! Thank YOU

National Jr Braunvieh Show Lincoln, NE June 24-27 2009

Midwest Mardi Gras  2009 National Jr. Braunvieh Show held in Lincoln, NE.  June 24-27

We were home recouping from surgery so we didn't get to attend the Nationals with our Kids and their families.  Thank you to Tommy Duncan and Brian Courtney for getting the kids there and keeping them all on time and in line.  

Thank you to the Blakley, Runner, Green, Heidlage, Williams and Paul families for your help and participation.  We are so proud of you all and how you represented the cattle and Oklahoma.   It was a great success!  Report from the kids was that they had a blast and can't wait for next year. ​
Grand Champion Percentage - Reserve Grand Champion Percentage, Grand Champion Purebred/Fullblood Heifer... State Best Four Head.. Herdmanship Trophy...  Just a few awards received!  Oklahoma kids and cattle were very successful. But most of all lifetime memories will out last any awards received.

Rogers County Fair and Tri County Fair 2009

2009 Rogers County Fair and Tri County Fair in Collinsville, OK -   Cattle Kids Excel with their TLC Cattle.  2009 Tri County Fair at Collinsville. Cattle Kids did well! Kyle Williams selected Senior Showman at Tri County Fair with TLC Turks Linse.  Jessie was 2nd in Senior Showmanship with 15 in the Class.  Jessie Heidlage wins Champion AOB Heifer with TLC Turks Jill. 

Thank you Jessie Heidlage, Kyle Williams, Jabob Daley and Blake Runner.

Past TLC News 2009

Tulsa Junior Show - Kids and Cattle Shows

Our cattle kids hauled Fullblood and Beefbuilder Braunvieh to 2009 Tulsa State Fair Junior Market and Junior Heifer Show this year and they had some success for the breed acceptance.  Especially the 5/8 Braunvieh and 1/4 bloods.   Jacob Daley has shown a TLC Braunvieh percentage steer for four years now and his persistence paid off when he was selected for the Junior Livestock Premium Sale. He was awarded $4,200 for his TLC Turk sired steer named TLC Turks Snickers. We are really proud and happy for the Daley family! Jacob had severe health problems last spring and we are just happy he could exhibit this year. 

Our Junior Heifer Judge was Don Hoge of Galva Illinois from Blackhawk College.  He judged two sets of cattle. Five Fullblood and Purebred Heifers and the seven head of Beefbuilders.  The beef builders were Angus, Simmental, Maine Anjou and Braunvieh composites! Some were 5/8 Braunvieh and some were ½ bloods.   He said, I am simply amazed at these Beefbuilder Braunvieh cattle. He said you have the bone the muscle the structure that everyone is trying to get and you already have it!   He also said that this class of five divisions was well worth his trip to Tulsa Oklahoma just see this set of cattle. It was the most exciting thing he had seen in a long long time!   This would make you want to use Braunvieh genetics!  He said. You really have something here. Comment:  Don Hoge has been judging cattle for years not an amateur judge!  http://www.bhc.edu 

Thank You Showman!

Jacob Daley

Brent Williams,

Sara Green

Jessie Heidlege

Kyle Williams

Rashele Blakley

2009 Tulsa State Fair Open Show


 We had 16 head of cattle at the Fullblood/Purebred and Percentage Braunvieh Open Show and one head in the Shorthorn show on Oct 3 and 6 head at the Maintainer Show on Oct 4. Cattle performed well and we were successful in several categories.   Thank you families that assisted us.. We could not have done it without your help!

  • TLC Buds Cowboy - Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Braunvieh Bull
  • TLC Buds Betsy and TLC Supreme Renae -Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair
  • Reserve Get of Sire TLC Bud
  • Champion Fullblood Purebred Breeders Herd
  • Champion Braunvieh Produce of Dam TLC Helena J9104
  • TLC Turks Jill - Reserve Grand Champion Beefbuilder and Division Champion Junior Heifer
  • TLC Turks Bart -Grand Champion Beefbuilder Bull
  • TLC Turks Jacki O ReseTLC Turks Goldy 
  • Grand Champion Beefbuilder Female and Calf Champion Dirve Champion Division Calf
  • TLC Turks Goldy Grand Champion Beefbuilder Female and Calf Champion
  • TLC Turks Linse - Champion Yearling Division Heifer
  • TLC Molasses Reserve Champion Yearling Division Heifer
  • TLC Turks Trish - 2nd in Class behind Linse
  • Champion Get of Sire TLC Turk
  • Champion Beefbuilder Breeders Herd
  • TLCC/DRCC Whip Cream - Reserve Grand Champion Maintainer shown by Blake Runner. She also was Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer.
  • TLCC Turks TWA Grand Champion Maintainer Bull
  • TLCC Turks Doc Reserve Grand Champion Bull.
  • TLCC Turks Goldy - Reserve Champion Calf Division
  • TLCC Turks Jacki O 3rd in Calf Class
  • Champion Get of Sire TLC Turk
  • Champion Mainetainer Breeders Herd

2009-2008 Year End Awards


Thorne Ranch & Cattle 2008-2009 Year End Awards

  • Thorne Ranch Champion Beef Builder/Percentage Breeder of the Year with 246 Points
  • Thorne Ranch Reserve Fullblood/Purebred Show Breeder of the Year with 297 Points
  • TLC Anna's Light  T7392 ET 1st Place Fullblood/Purebred Show Heifer of the Year 97 Points.
  • TLC Bud's Tabi 5th Place Fullblood/Purebred Show Heifer of the Year 69 Points
  • TLC Bud's Cowboy 4th Place Fullblood Show Bull of the Year - 66 Points 4 shows
  • TLC Turk 1st Place Beef Builder Bull of the Year 44 Points
  • TLC Cowboy's Cowgirl Champion High Point Beef Builder Show Heifer of the Year 44 Points
  • TLC Brave Heart Reserve Champion Beef Builder Show Heifer of the Year 20 Ponts
  • TLC Heidi Wave U8112 ET 4th Place Percentage Heifer of the Year  17 Points
  • TLC Anna F6496 Et 4th Place Show Dam of the Year
  • TLC Bud 3rd place Show Bull of the Year
  • TLC Whoa Girl N3100 Percentage Show Dam of the Year for the 2nd Year 64 Points
  • TLC Ms Media P4452 Reserve Percerntage Show Dam of the Year 44 Points
  • Starline Veronica FLE 3H ET 3rd Place Percentage Show Dam of the Year 41 Points
  • Percentage Show Sire of the Year, Wild Turkey, War Cowboy Up, CMAC Hardcore and Heat Wave.   All sires used by Thorne Ranch in the Percentage Program.  Maine Anjou, Registered Angus and Chianina.