Archived News 2008-1997

We started exhibiting  Braunvieh cattle in 1997.  We took 17 head to Louisville KY so that the East group could get a show started there.   They needed 30 head total we took more than half.   We then started showing in Tyler Texas Fair.   We showed in Athens, Texas, Ft Worth, Houston, San Antonio.  Sent cattle to Denver so we traveled some miles hauling to shows.

Our Cattle Kids participated in the first 2001 Junior Braunvieh  Nationals in Stillwater, OK each year until 2009.  I think they were all relieved when we quit showing up with 20 head.   We showed mostly Fullblood and Purebred in the beginning and created a dual breed of  Beefbuilders ,Maintainers and Chi Maine that we could exhibit in three breeds.  Also a few Percentage Simmental.   

We were privileged to work with several great kids and families over the years.   Thank you to all! We have watched you all grow and mature into awesome young adults. Several have gone onto to pursue agriculture because of their connections with our cattle.   We appreciate each and every one of you for showing our cattle with the TLC, TLCC, TRI and TCL Herd Codes.  We couldn't have done it without you.